Moscow-Open: impressions after the tournament


Nine rounds a week is a rather tedious event, so even after the tournament it wasn’t easy to collect my thoughts and cover latest developments a little. Thus, winning three games in a row, I joined leaders. In 6th round I failed to put serious problems before Maletin in exchanged Slav, and in the 7th I had a chance to take the initiative with black against Smirnov, but played inaccurately and was forced to equalize with some precise play. The game of 8th round against Ponkratov was full of mistakes from both sides: at first my opponent seemed to be more confident, but in the time trouble made a serious oversight and then failed to protect an unpleasant ending. Seven players at once were leading before the final game. I tried to strike up the fight with black against Kokarev, but couldn’t evaulate the outcome of the opening accurately and decided not to avoid repetition in the double-edged position. My great Buhgolz guaranteed me the highest place in any sharing out, but the game Ponkratov-Savchenko ended in victory for the black despite the computer evaulation around +10 :) . As a result Boris became the sole winner of the tournament, and I got 7 out of 9, shared 2-10 (!) places, and came second on a tie-break.

For three days I was able to slightly move away from the vicissitudes of the struggle, so I will start a new competition with a clear head. Tomorrow I will play blitz in Aeroflot-Open, and February 16 and 17 – in the finals of the rapid KO tournament.

Moscow, February 13.